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The world our children are growing up in is vastly different from last century due to the rapid integration of technology. Many age old problems still exist, such as bullying, getting good grades and peer pressures. The addition of technology has made some of these issues even more pervasive.

A report to congress by the American Humane Society in 2015, cites 64% of children state the most common challenge they face today are physical and emotional concerns. 

The concept of BASH gives children simple to act on strategies, empowering them to independently and proactively build their mental strength. With a stronger mind, built through brain fitness techniques, children are better able to develop resilience to support them through many challenges in their lives both now and in the future as leaders.

Kids will

  • discover how stress presents in their life,
  • understand what they can control and
  • learn simple tools to reduce stress, build resilience and coping skills.

This talk is adaptable to elementary level school kids, middle school and teens.

What kids say..

'BASH has helped me through my problems and made a difference in my life and others.' Hannah 

'BASH has made me and my days way more organized. BASH has also made me not feel overwhelmed through my day.' Ahnee

'I don't get stressed now thanks to BASH, it has improved my mood when I get mad.' John

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