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Need a speaker for your corporate event? With stress and burnout at record levels, well-being is a hot topic.

Presentations are customized to the specific challenges the audience faces.

For corporate retreats, a customized presentation can survey your employees and determine the core challenges they face. A report is provided post event with actionable strategies for ease of implementation.

Positive Intelligence

Our mind is our master. What if you could master your mind? How would that make your life different?

The 6 week PQ program will change your life. Within a few short weeks, catch those distracting thoughts that derail you and put yourself on a path to success.

Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness is on boardroom agendas. Many have already tried a gym membership or app with little uptake. 

Try our Better You program for your employees with achievable goals, focused on consistency and not perfection. 



Determine the gaps in your company well-being. Well-being is not just about health. Well-being is multi-faceted. What helps people be healthy and happy? 

Health, career, finances and relationships all play a part. 


Many leaders and business owners are working so hard and fast they forget to come up for air. Don't wait till you burn out. 

Coaching will help you identify what is draining your time and energy and provide clarity on how to better manage these precious resources. Start by puitting on your own oxygen mask and try a coach. 

You will be surprised what you learn about yourself.

5 Star Well-being

 Determine which stars you check and which need some work when it comes to having a healthy business. check the ABC's and find out what you can do.







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