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Build Kids Brains With BASH!

BASH is a program that helps educate children in how they can adopt simple strategies to improve their brain fitness.

Children are exposed to their own unique stressors - bullying, peer pressure, grades and distractions are some of the most common. 

There is very little information that children or adults are exposed to that help them understand what it is to be brain fit and why it is important.

This program educates children and teens on  the concepts of brain fitness with simple, easy to understand tools that can be used immediately. These concepts can be practiced repeatedly throughout the day.

Brain fitness can help build resilience and gives children IMMEDIATE coping skills for NOW and for their future.

This program, with it's coaching style, engages kids to participate, share their experiences and practice the principles of BASH during the session. When the breath part of BASH is performed during an event, you will feel the energy of the whole room shift!

With regular practice, kids can become more tolerant, happier and feel more in control of their problems.

This program is adaptable to elementary level school kids, middle schools and teens.

What kids say..

Elizabeth: 'Because of BASH I was able to to take three deep breaths and say I can do this..' 

Hattie:  'I used all the BASH strategies in the last week. I used them when I had a argument with my brother and BASH made me feel more calm and confident.' 

Rebekah:  'BASH helps me not get so stressed out during my tests.'  

Dylan:  'BASH impacted my life because it helped me stay calm and deal with bullies.'

Kailey:  'Using BASH got the stress off my shoulders and felt relieved and like nothing can get in your way.' 

Julia:  'BASH made me realize that I needed to correct my posture ... I never knew BASH could be so helpful.' 

Chy:  'I used BASH when I was feeling mad or angry. It is important to me to use BASH so you don't get in trouble and so you can keep you calm. It has already impacted my life from going into scream mode.' 

Ahnee:  'BASH has made me and my days way more organized. BASH has also made me not feel overwhelmed through my day.'

Kim:  ''I've kept focused on my work and didn't allow distractions.' 


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