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Virtual or Remote Work

Are you currently leading a virtual team ?

Would you like to move your workers out of the office? 

Is your virtual training falling flat?

Would you like to run effective virtual meetings?

The virtual world is rapidly becoming an integral part of the way we work, learn and do business. While there are many tangible benefits to virtual working, there is a remoteness to human connection. Having become virtually engaged herself, Vivien shares the trials and tribulations of keeping your team and audiences engaged in a virtual setting from a leadership or training perspective.

She shares healthy practices, methods for building the human connection and ensuring your people are engaged at work and in their learning. Her background in brain and body science will give you an understanding of how and why we engage as well as tools to help improve our personal level of interaction and connection with others.

She will:

  • identify the challenges of virtual working and learning,
  • the tools and techniques of virtual engagement,
  • keys to a create a great remote work culture,
  • create healthy work practices,
  • identify the keys to self motivation,
  • up skill your people in virtual leadership and training.

To find out more about virtual leadership or training contact Vivien: