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Meet Vivien

Vivien Hudson is a visionary leader who has dedicated 25 years of her career as a pharmacist, 30 years as an entrepreneur, and many years as a leadership coach with a special interest in stress. She speaks widely on what real success is and the impact stress has on physical and psychological well-being. Her healthcare background credentials her to share the importance of self-care, creating a rich life, and cultivating a nurturing workplace.

Vivien believes that everyone should go to work each day with a desire to do good work and with passion for their role. Creating this has a recipe, and she's passionate about helping others achieve it. Managing stress, communication, fostering self-leadership, and cultivating a work environment that encourages balance are the cornerstones for success. Without this, turnover and burnout are high.

Vivien has a unique blend of business acumen and emotional intelligence that makes her a relatable speaker. She is knowledgeable in stress management, well-being, leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, and developing self-awareness.  

Services she offers include keynote speeches on well-being, meeting facilitation, corporate wellness initiatives, and corporate workshops for leadership development, including Predictive Index - a behavioral assessment tool, resilience, communication, and more. Workshops and presentations are customized to each client for length, theme, interaction, and messaging.


Vivien has earned numerous credentials and is widely knowledgeable on brain fitness and biometrics to measure self-care. She is also acutely interested in personal development through self-awareness as a tool to elevate life and leadership potential.


Qualifications include: Previously Licensed Pharmacist, Master of Business Adversity, Certified Professional Coach, Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant, Neuro-Link Brain Fitness Practitioner, Virtual Facilitator, Coach and Producer, and Health Coach. Vivien currently volunteers with Junior Achievement and is active in Toastmasters International.

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