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Meet Vivian

Vivien founded Brain, Body and Business from a background as both a pharmacist and business owner to combat stress and build engagement. After learning that up to 90% of diseases are attributed to stress, she works at both individual and team levels to grow what she calls mental wealth. She will help you discover the deposits and withdrawals that you make to your mental wealth and how to regain control over your time, focus and find purpose.


With the current challenges the world is facing, combating stress is also founded in our desire to seek purpose. If you are looking to find more meaning in the work you do, finding purpose is pivotal. Once you find clarity around your purpose you can channel your intention and energy into how you show up, communicate, and lead both yourself, and others. 


Vivien's purpose is instilling courage. Courage is what helped her make big changes in her own life. Change in life is wrapped in fear and uncertainty. To embrace change we must tap into the courage within ourselves and make the uncomfortable, comfortable. 


Vivien brings her knowledge of both brain and body science to help you understand the what, where and why of stress. With a stronger mind we are better equipped to self lead and to lead others. With this investment comes growth in personal and team engagement, resulting in increased productivity and satisfaction.

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Engagements include working with, training and speaking for organizations/schools on purpose, collaboration, strength, attitude and engagement. Vivien's BASH program helps educate school children on the basics of brain fitness to encourage them to increase their mental wealth.


Qualifications include: Previously Licensed Pharmacist, Masters of Business Adversity, Certified Professional Coach, Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant, Neuro-Link Brain Fitness Practitioner, Virtual Facilitator and Producer, On-Purpose Presenter. Vivien currently volunteers with Junior Achievement and is active in Toastmasters International.

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