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Where Leadership meets Well-being

After witnessing the stress and burnout that often comes with modern business life, Vivien set out to help business leaders reclaim their focus and clarity, restore balance in their lives, and learn how to prioritize their health and well-being. Not just for themselves, but also for their employees. 

She equips her clients with the tools needed to grow a vital and vibrant workplace. She works to increase productivity and engagement, improve communication and collaboration, and helps employees feel more energized. Her approach is holistic to ensure happier and healthier businesses.

Vivien has a passion for helping others find joy in their work life.  Whether you are losing the pep in your step as a business leader or you have a low morale workforce, Vivien is up for the challenge!

Meet Vivien



corporate training and talent development

Reduce stress in your  workplace by understanding yourself, others, and your teams, while aligning with the business strategy.

Discover our tool kit for inspiring the people on your team to do their best work. 

Customized leadership training and workshops.

Stress less Speaking

Stress? Too much pressure? Trouble focusing? Could your workplace benefit from a wellbeing prescription?

Vivien has a variety of topics that help inspire audiences with simple actions that can easily be integrated into your life or business.

Whether you are a CEO, SME owner, manager or an entrepreneur, Vivien will inspire your thinking! 

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Corporate wellness

Healthy employees are happier, more engaged, and more productive. 

Built for you corporate wellness challenges that build community and help your people become healthier, and happier. Curb spiralling health care costs.

Real time analytics,

measurable results.

Challenge topics include health, stress, happiness, and finances.

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stress less Coaching

Feeling the stress of your day? Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, uncertain? Coaching for change goes beyond setting a goal. Coaching for change is a journey of self discovery to find what really is getting in the way. Schedule a free 30 minute call and experience the shift.

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Are you at Risk?

Are YOU or YOUR business burning out?

Do any of the following describe you? 

  • No time to work on you, your team or business?

  • Focusing issues?

  • Too much pressure at home, school or work?

  • Engagement lacking within your organization or virtual meetings?

  • Feel like you could do a better job?

  • Stressed out constantly?

  • Sense that there is more to life but not sure where to find it? 

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BENEFIT from reducing stress, building resilience, and bulletproofing against stress!

Corporate Training

Vivien provides a wealth of training for leadership at all levels. Courses can be delivered either face to face or remotely over Zoom or your preferred platform.

Some of our library of courses include:

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, also called EQ, is the ability to be aware of and to manage emotions and relationships. It’s a pivotal factor in personal and professional success. IQ will get you in the door, but it is your EQ. EQ starts by building a higher level of self awareness. If you are looking to develop your leaders, EQ is the place to start.

Self Leadership

Self-leadership requires a commitment from individuals to decide what they want from life and to do what’s necessary to get the results they want. This one-day workshop will help participants internalize the four pillars of self-leadership and to make meaningful, empowered choices while taking action to get where they want to go.

Conquering Public Speaking

Do you get nervous when making presentations at company meetings? Do you find it hard to make conversation at gatherings and social events? Do you lock up in awkward social situations? If so, this one-day workshop is just for you! It is aimed at anybody who wants to improve their speaking skills in informal situations. We will give you the confidence and the skills to interact with others, to speak in informal situations, and to make presentations in front of small groups.

Giving Effective Feedback

This course will help participants learn why the way we deliver is feedback is important, how to deliver a message so that people accept it and make changes that may be needed, and how to accept feedback that we are offered.


More than ever, a workplace is a diverse collection of individuals proud of who they are: their gender, their sexual orientation, their religion, their ethnic background, and all the other components that make an individual unique. One of the challenges for workplace leaders is how to help these diverse individuals work as a team. We all know what happens to organizations that don’t have effective teamwork: they fail. And, failing to embrace diversity can also have serious legal costs for corporations. This one-day workshop will give you ways to celebrate diversity in the workplace while bringing individuals together.

Creating a Positive Work Environment

Not all of us have had the opportunity to work in a truly positive work environment. A positive work environment is important for the productivity of a company but it is also important to us personally. Our emotional and physical health can be improved by working in a positive work environment. We should wake up each morning wanting to go to work - not trying to think of excuses to not go. We want to be proud of where we work and enjoy telling others about where we work. As an employee or a leader within a company you have a responsibility to create and maintain a positive work environment. Everyone has a responsibility to create and maintain a positive work environment. This course will give you tools to be able to create the type of company environment that you crave through building and nurturing effective workplace relationships.

Conversational Leadership

Effective leaders understand how powerful an opportunity can be when they can tap into the intelligence, wisdom, and innovation present in their workforce. Conversational leadership provides the space and infrastructure for knowledge sharing to take place; for employees, stakeholders, and the community to be involved in discussing big, important questions; and to generate solutions that people within the organization can take action on. 

Corporate Training


" Vivien spoke at our annual employee dinner and provided positive energy to the crowd and gave them very good tips to stay focused in this busy world. She's funny, engaging, uplifting, and charming! I would definitely recommend her speaking again." 


Erin C, CEO

Comfort Keepers

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